# 91x - Aaron Middaugh ; Polk, OH

aka:  "Mid-Air"

Chassis:  Schnee

Engine:  Gressman

Sponsors:  Shakely Mechanical, L & L Motors, Bates Garage & Towing, Kear's Speed  Shop

Aaron Middaugh holds the honorable distinction of being the only driver to have been in every BOSS sanctioned points events ever held.  Unfortunately, Middaugh is also known for having 3 of the most spectacular crashes on tour along the way.  The crash photo above is from last season at Montpelier Motor Speedway in which he took out some fencing and stained several pairs of underwear along the front rows of the bleachers.  He earned his "Mid Air" nickname when a photo of him in mid flight made the front page of the Cincinnati, Ohio newspaper sports section.  His crashes have not made him shy away from the loud pedal though.  In fact, he stands on the gas more so now than ever before.