2014 BOSS Top 5

#82 Mike Miller of Wapakoneta, OH,

#77 Dustin Smith of Russiaville, IN,   

 #4 Michael Fischesser of Cincinnati, OH,  

#57B Brandon Spithaler of Evans City, PA  

#32M Derek Hastings of Forest, OH

2014 BOSS Heat Race Sponsors

Heat #1

Heat #2

Heat #3


Heat #4

2014 Buckeye Machine BOSS Bonus Award Sponsors

The Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger" Award

The Hochstetler Truck & Auto Repair "Steel Block" Award

The Lynn Cook "Hard Luck" Award

Lucky Pill Draw Award

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A double flip in the BOSS 410 Sprint feature at Mercer (Pa) Speedway Saturday night as Justin Owen-26 and Chuck Wilson-31 tangle in turn 2 during the feature event. Neither were hurt in the melee that also included Michael Fischesser, Cody Gardner and Shawn Westerfeld-Jim Balentine Photo Series

Matus Scores Popular Win For Mercer Crowd with BOSS 


The "Wheelman" Brandon Matus of Wampum, Pennsylvania picked up his first career traditional sprint car victory Saturday night at Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania with the Mo Vaughn Transport - Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series.  Home track advantage certainly was no handicap, but Matus proved that you can overcome a bad starting draw and come away with victory.   Starting last in the final heat race, Matus appeared to be "buried" deep in the program.   Yet a run to second place in the heat earned himself a spot in the Precise Racing Redraw where Matus would pull the "4" starting pill out of eight and Matus would parlay that to his first series win over a stout 30 car field. 
National Sprint Car rookie of the year, Cooper Clouse led the field to green, but outside pole sitter Andy Feil got out to a quick early lead.  Immediately, third starting Brandon Spithaler and sixth starting Shawn Westerfeld flexed their muscle with quick moves up to challenge at the point.  The first caution flag flew on lap 3 when Justin Owen spun to a stop.  On the ensuing restart, Feil blasted to the lead once again, but jumped the cushion in turn 4, spinning down the track and collecting third running Westerfeld. 
Back under green, The "Evans City Earthmover" Brandon Spithaler assumed command and appeared to be the man to beat.  On lap eight, the third caution flew when Dustin Smith came to a stop in turn 4.  On the restart, the field failed to complete a lap before a gaggle of cars began spinning with several cars taking evasive action.  At least 3 cars did 360 spins, but in the end, Arnie Kent collected a helpless Dustin Smith, eliminating him from competition.
As the field rolled around the Mercer oval under caution, leader Brandon Spithaler lost a radiator hose and went up in a cloud of steam, turning the lead over to Brandon Matus.  But the drama was far from over.  Back under green the field completed only 3 more laps before Michael Fischesser spun in turn 2 collecting several cars that included Chuck Wilson and Justin Owen who both flipped. 
Finally back under green, the field was able to reel off 10 consecutive green flag laps with Matus holding off a Cinderella run from Gale Ruth Jr. and Jack Sodeman Jr.  One final caution would fly on lap 21 when Cody Gardner rolled to a stop in turn 4.  With what appeared to be a Western PA podium sweep in store, the final 4 laps became a survival test.  Third running Sodeman was one of 3 cars who would do 360 spins and continue under green in the closing laps.  Brandon Matus powered on to his first career BOSS win with Ruth second and "The Magic Man" Mike Miller magically appearing in third after a quiet run to the front.   BOSS newcomers Cooper Clouse and Kent Wolters completed the top 5 with Arnie Kent, Chad Wilson, Sodeman, Aaron Middaugh and Bob McMillen rounding out the top 10.
Heat race winners were Gale Ruth Jr, Shawn Westerfeld, Brandon Spithaler and Andy Feil.  "Bad" Chad Wilson from Toledo, Ohio scored an impressive B-Main win.  The Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS sprints are now off for a week before returning to action June 5th and 6th with a doubleheader weekend at Limaland Speedway and Lawrenceburg Speedway.
Event #3 of 21
Mercer Raceway Park ; Mercer, PA - 5/23/2015

Mo Vaughn Transport B.O.S.S 410 Sprints (30 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

Heat 1 - Moose Racing (Anaheim, CA):  (8 Laps - Top 4 transfer to A-Feature)
1. 1R-Gale Ruth Jr.[3] ; 2. 14c-Cooper Clouse[4] ; 3. 31-Chuck Wilson[1] ; 4. 12-Kent Wolters[2] ; 5. 46-Cody Gardner[7] ; 6. 5-Bob McMillin[8] ; 7. 3-Joe Butera[6] ; 8. 53-Steve Little[5]

Heat 2 - Lias Tire / American Racer (Indiana, PA):  (8 Laps - Top 4 transfer to the A-Feature)
1. 89-Shawn Westerfeld[2] ; 2. 18-Arnie Kent[8] ; 3. 82-Mike Miller[4] ; 4. 4-Michael Fischesser[1] ; 5. 14-Chad Wilson[6] ; 6. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[7] ; 7. 77-Dustin Smith[5] ; 8. 33-Brent Matus[3]
Heat 3 - Hoosier Racing Tire:  (8 Laps - Top 4 transfer to the A-Feature)
1. 57B-Brandon Spithaler[3] ; 2. 26-Justin Owen[6] ; 3. 25-Jack Sodeman[4] ; 4. 91x-Aaron Middaugh[1] ; 5. 97s-Scott Hardman[2] ; 6. 79-Dick Mahoney[5] ; 7. 12x-Wes Libert[7]
Heat 4 - Buckeye Machine (Forest, OH): (8 Laps - Top 4 transfer to the A-Feature)
1. 08-Andy Feil[3] ; 2. 13-Brandon Matus[7] ; 3. 59J-Kirk Jeffries[6] ; 4. 76-Davey Jones[4] ; 5. 4J-Jacob Gomola[5] ; 6. 97-Andy Fike[2] ; 7. 00-Doug Feil[DNS]

 B-Main - FAST Signs (Dayton, OH):  (10 Laps - Top 6 transfer to the A-Feature)
1. 14-Chad Wilson[2] ; 2. 46-Cody Gardner[1] ; 3. 77-Dustin Smith[10] ; 4. 4J-Jacob Gomola[4] ; 5. 33-Brandon Matus[13] ; 6. 5-Bob McMillin[5] ; 7. 3-Joe Butera[9] ; 8. 97s-Scott Hardman[3] ; 9. 79-Dick Mahoney[7] ; 10. 53-Steve Little[12] ; 11. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[6] ; 12. 12x-Wes Libert[11] ; 13. 97-Andy Fike[8] ; 14. 00-Doug Feil[14]
 Mo Vaughn Transport B.O.S.S. A-Main - (25 Laps) 
1. 13-Brandon Matus[4] ; 2. 1R-Gale Ruth Jr.[5] ; 3. 82-Mike Miller[10] ; 4. 14c-Cooper Clouse[1] ; 5. 12-Kent Wolters[13] ; 6. 18-Arnie Kent[7] ; 7. 14-Chad Wilson[17] ; 8. 25-Jack Sodeman Jr.[11] ; 9. 91x-Aaron Middaugh[15] ; 10. 5-Bob McMillen[22] ; 11. 4J-Jacob Gomola[20] ; 12. 33-Brent Matus[21] ; 13. 59J-Kirk Jeffries[12] ; 14. 4-Michael Fischesser[14] ; 15. 46-Cody Gardner[18] ; 16. 89-Shawn Westerfeld[6] ; 17. 26-Justin Owen[8] ; 18. 31-Chuck Wilson[9] ; 19. 57B-Brandon Spithaler[3] ; 20. 77-Dustin Smith[19] ; 21. 08-Andy Feil[2] ; 22. 76-Davey Jones[16]

Bonus Award Winners:
The Bridge Restaurant of Sidney, OH - "Hard Charger" - Bob McMillin (+12) - $50

Lynn Cook "a racer's friend" of Dayton, OH - "Hard Luck Award" - Shawn Westerfeld - $50

Hochstetler Truck and Auto Repair - "Steel Block Award" -  Jacob Gomola - $50

Apple Metal Polishing of Eldorodo, OH - "Lucky Pill Draw" - Steve Little  - Free Pit Pass/Hot Dogs for the crew ($40)
A Plus Automatic Transmission of Mansfield, OH - "Perseverance Award" - Arnie Kent - $50
McMillin Apiaries of Wampum, PA - "Sweet Move of the Race" - Kent Wolters - $25
Design 500 of Seattle, WA - "Rusty McClure Tribute Award" - Aaron Middaugh - $100 certificate from Design 500

Lias Tire of Indiana, PA - "American Racer Bonus Award" -  Michael Fischesser  - Free Tire
Hoosier Tire Midwest - "Hoosier Tire Bonus Award" - Brandon Matus - Free Tire

MVT / BOSS Hopes Third Time is the Charm


After back to back rainouts the last 2 weeks, the Mo Vaughn Transport - Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series will now open its season outside of the buckeye state for the first time in tour history.  Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania will play host to the traveling stars and cars of the fastest growing sprint car series in the nation this Saturday night.  More than 20 drivers representing six states have indicated their intention to tour full time in 2015.  With a history of great local support, Saturday's car count should push the 30 car mark.  Last season, 29 cars signed in to battle on the Mercer clay and the "Hustlin Hoosier" Dustin Smith of Russiaville, Indiana narrowly edged Evans City, Pennsylvania driver Brandon Spithaler in a photo finish.  Spithaler won both previous BOSS events in 2012 and 2013.

Along with Smith and Spithaler, another driver to watch will be defending BOSS champion "The Magic Man" Mike Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio.  BOSS drivers with local ties, Bob McMillin and Joe Butera, both from Wampum, Pennsylvania will be hoping for good runs in front of the hometown crowd.  Back on the tour from a year ago are Aaron Middaugh, Chad Wilson, Joe Liguori, Michael Fischesser, Steve Little, Chuck Wilson, Scott Hardman, and Andy Fike.  Returning to the tour are former BOSS feature winners in Pennsylvania, Andre Layfield and Kirk Jeffries.  Throw in the mix of new drivers that include Kent Wolters, Kris Davis, Josh Turner, Cody Gardner, and 16 year old Cooper Clouse who was last season's National Sprint Car Hall of Fame - national non wing rookie of the year.  

The fans will see a whole new look in 2015  as Bucky the BOSS Beaver returns, but this time with a souvenir trailer with an increased apparel lineup and racing simulators on the midway.  Fans will be able to compete for cash and prizes by picking up the new BOSS scorecard and trying to pick the top 3 finishers in order!  Several sponsors have donated prizes that will be drawn for throughout the night.

For the race teams, all the perks of competing with BOSS have returned along with some exciting new bonus awards.  As the last of the true outlaws, the open tire rule remains in effect and there is no weight rule and no membership fees.  Precise Racing from Sarver, Pennsylvania has stepped up to supply free transponder rentals for all Pennsylvania events on the 2015 schedule.

In a throwback to days gone by, BOSS pays heat race money to teams at each event.  Moose Racing of Anaheim, California leads a reputable group of heat sponsors that also includes Lias Tire / American Racer, Buckeye Machine of Forest, Ohio, Hoosier Racing Tires and FAST Signs of Dayton, Ohio.   Bonus award sponsors include The Bridge Restaurant of Sidney, Ohio "Hard Charger", the Lynn Cook "Hard Luck", the Hochstetler Trucking "steel block", the McMillin Apiaries of Wampum, PA "Sweet Move", the Apple Metal Polishing of Eldorodo, Ohio "Lucky Pill Draw" and of course the Hoosier and American Racer bonus awards of free tires to the highest finisher on each brand of tire.

New bonus awards for 2015 include the A Plus Automatic Transmission of Ashland, Ohio "Perseverance Award" which is $50 to the driver who draws the worst heat race starting position and still makes the main event.   Another new award is the Design 500 of Seattle, Washington "Rusty McClure 09 Tribute" worth $100 of Design 500 safety equipment to the 9th place A-Main finisher. 

Gates will open at 4 pm on Saturday with pill draw closing when the drivers meeting begins at 5:45.  Hot laps will begin at 6 pm with racing action at 7.  Pit passes are $30 while general admission is just $15 for adults and $13 for seniors.  Kid ages 9-15 are $7 while 8 and under are free.  Mo Vaughn Transport and the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series thanks all the fans, teams, sponsors and tracks promoters for their continued support!!


MVT / BOSS Opener Now Set for Wayne County Speedway 
Following a disappointing rainout at Fremont Speedway this past Saturday, the Mo Vaughn Transport / Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series is now set to open the 2015 season at Jason and Kristin Flory's Wayne County Speedway near Orrville, Ohio.  Twenty-eight wingless warriors were signed in for battle on Saturday despite the fact there were many other tracks running in the Ohio / Indiana area.  Series and track officials expect another fine field to be on hand with drivers from six states indicating their intentions to compete.
For fans, this has become a show they do not want to miss!  Not only will the ever exciting BOSS sprints be in action, but the weekly winged sprints of WCS will also be in competition for a $5,000 to win payday.  Many of the regions top winged teams are expected, giving fans the opportunity to see the Midwest's finest drivers of both disciplines all in one night.  General admission will be just $15.00 for ages 13 and up while kids 12 and under are free.  Pit passes remain just $30.00.  Gates will open at 3 pm with hot laps at 6 and racing at 7 pm.
The Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS series has around 20 drivers who will be chasing the 2015 championship points.  Home state drivers include defending series champion Mike Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio along with fellow buckeye drivers Michael Fischesser, Aaron Middaugh, Chuck Wilson, Chad Wilson, Andy Fike, Steve Little, Scott Hardman, Cooper Clouse, Bobby Distel, Kirk Jeffries, Kent Wolters,  Lewie Christian, and Cody Gardner.  Representing the keystone state of Pennsylvania is the always exciting Brandon Spithaler of Evans City, Pennsylvania along with Bob McMillin and Joe Butera.  Other states represented are West Virginian Andre Layfield,  Michigan's Josh Turner, Florida's Joe Liguori and Indiana's Dustin Smith. 
Last season, the 2 events contested at Wayne County were quite the contrast from one another, yet equally exciting.  Last May, the "Magic Man"Mike Miller appeared to have the main event victory within his sights, but 17th starting "Doctor" Andre Layfield gunned him down off the final corner in one of the closest finishes in BOSS history.  In the fall event, the "Evans City Earthmover" Brandon Spithaler lived up to his name as he blasted across a very rough Wayne County Speedway in a legitimately terrifying display of driving.  Spithaler was one circuit away from literally lapping the entire field en route to one of the most dominating victories in series history!
This show promises to be one of the best of the season.  Mo Vaughn Transport and BOSS have raised the bar along with our series sponsors who include: Moose Racing, Hoosier Racing Tires, Lias Tire American Racer, Buckeye Machine, FAST Signs, Superior Tank, Kistler Engines, Design 500, TI22, DMI, Hochstetler Trucking, Indy Race Parts, McMillin Apiaries, The Bridge Restaurant, Lynn Cook, Cowen Truck Lines, A Plus Transmission, Apple Metal Polishing, and Southeast Harley Davidson.
For more information be sure the check out the series website at www.buckeyesprints.com  We are also on facebook and twitter.  


Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS Set to Launch Historic Season


This Saturday night, May 9th will be "Mascot Night" at the historic Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio and it will also kick off a historic 2015 campaign by the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series.  Many big changes will become immediately evident to the racers and fans, and none of the changes could be more significant than the new title sponsor.  In the off season, BOSS was able to sign former major league baseball star, Mo Vaughn and his Mo Vaughn Transport out of Cleveland, Ohio.  A first round draft pick in 1989, Vaughn spent 13 years in the majors, most of which with the Boston Red Sox where he was a 3 time All Star and the 1995 American League MVP.  Vaughn has a serious interest in performance autos, but his involvement with BOSS is his first experience in the auto racing world.


More significant changes were made in the off season with two major announcements involving drivers minimum ages and random drug testing.  With many other organizations worried about tethers and finding ways to make teams spend more money, BOSS chose to address the real issues in the sport.  The last two times sprint car racing appeared on headline news across the country, it involved fatal accidents with these 2 issues at the center of the controversy.  In light of this, the Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS sprints now require all drivers to be a minimum of 16 years of age and all drivers must posses a valid drivers license.  In addition, the series will become the first sprint car sanctioning body to implement random drug testing.


Other major changes fans can expect include a new series souvenir trailer with an expanded apparel lineup along with shirts from the tour drivers themselves.  BOSS has quickly become known for bringing back racing history  and this years throwback is the return of program scorecards which were once available at all racing events throughout the last century.  The new scorecards will feature series information, a chance to win random prize drawings, and a contest where you can impress your friends and win $25.00 if you can pick the top 3 finishers in order!  Scorecards will be available for $1 at the Mo Vaughn Transport kiosk and at the souvenir trailer.


Also new for 2015, BOSS will have 4 sprint car racing simulators on the midway next to the souvenir trailer.  Fans will be able to climb inside the frame and body of retired race cars and test their skills against other fans.  For $5, you will get two (8) Lap races where you can race your friends and the clock!  If you want to be a sprint car driver, you can try your hand this way for a cheap price.


With all the new announcements, BOSS is determined not to lose sight of what built the series.  There are still no membership fees and the series is still an "open tire" series where teams can run any commercially available racing tire.   There is no weight rule and cars are only limited to remaining traditional "sprint car" appearing machines.    Heat race money and many bonus awards are still in place.  There are now 8 different bonus awards.  New this year is the perseverance award which will be $50 to the driver who draws the worst heat race starting pill and still transfers to the main event and the new Design 500 McClure tribute award where the 9th place finisher at each event will receive a gift certificate from Design 500.  With the lack of a large rulebook and no fees, the Mo Vaughn Transport BOSS sprints lay claim to being the last true "outlaws" of the sprint car world.


The "Magic Man" Mike Miller from Wapakoneta, Ohio is the returning champion set to defend his crown.  The inaugural series champion, Dustin Smith from Russiaville, Indiana is returning as he and Miller will look to become the first repeat tour champions.  Michael Fischesser, Brandon Spithaler, Chuck Wilson, Aaron Middaugh, Chad Wilson, Bob McMillin, Joe Butera, Joe Liguori, Scott Hardman, Andy Fike and Steve Little will all return from last year to once again be regular stars on the tour.  However, Kirk Jeffries and Andre Layfield will also return to the tour after a year's absence along with other newcomers in Kent Wolters, Kris Davis, Josh Turner,  Cody Gardner, Justin Owen and George Willard.


Be a part of the fastest growing sprint car series in the nation and join us for the 2015 kickoff event at Fremont Speedway this Saturday night.  Watch "Bucky" the BOSS Beaver as he will be on hand to race other Fremont area mascots at intermission.  General admission is only $14 with Seniors $12.  Kids 11-16 are $8 and kid 10 and under are free.  Pit Passes will be $30.  Gates will open at 4 pm with racing at 7 pm.  More information on the series can be found at www.buckeyesprints.com and more information of Fremont Speedway can be found at www.fremontohspeedway.com  Also, CDL drivers need to check out MVT at www.movaughntransport.com


MVT/BOSS Complete A-Main payout for 2015:  1) $1500   2) $900   3) $700   4)$600   5) $500   6) $450   7) $400   8) $375   9) $350   10) $325   11) $300   12) $290   13)$280   14) $270   15) $260   16)-22) $250 to start


Heat Race Payouts:  1) 40   2) 30   3)20   4)10 (Heat Race Sponsors: Moose Racing, Lias Tire, Hoosier Race Tire, Buckeye Machine & Fab, and FAST Signs


Bonus Awards: $50 each - The Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger", the Hochstetler Trucking "Highest Finishing Steel Block", the Lynn Cook "Hard Luck Award", the A Plus Transmission "Perseverance Award", the Apple Metal Polishing "Lucky Pill Draw" and of course free tires to the highest finishers on all four American Racers and Hoosier Tires.  Gift Certificate to Design 500 - 9th place finisher.


Additional sponsors include:  Kistler Engines, Indy Race Parts, Cowen Truck Lines, Rod End Supply, DMI, Southeast Harley Davidson, S & H Nerfs, and TI22


BOSS Hits Home Run With New Title Sponsor

In the sporting world, auto racing has long been an island unto itself. Somewhat shunned by traditional sports newspapers and columnists, the motorsports world has thrived nonetheless. Short track – dirt track racing has lingered in obscurity to the general public for nearly a full century.

The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series burst onto the scene in 2011 in an effort to change the landscape of sprint car racing in the Midwest. In typical BOSS fashion of blazing new trails, the fastest growing sprint car series in the nation is now part of what may be the biggest crossover from the stick and ball sports in the history of dirt track racing.

The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series is now proud to announce a marketing partnership with Mo Vaughn Transport in Cleveland, Ohio, which is now the 2015 title sponsor for the tour. Sports fan will recognize Mo Vaughn as a former slugger and first baseman in Major League Baseball who gained stardom as a Boston Red Sox player who became a 3 time All Star and was the 1995 American League Most Valuable Player. Vaughn also spent time with the Anaheim Angles and the New York Mets. Today, Vaughn has many business interests in the Midwest with his transportation company taking center stage with BOSS!

Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series promoter Aaron Fry was excited on both the professional and personal levels to close this deal saying, “As a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, it’s neat for me personally to have Mo involved with the series, but it’s intriguing on a professional level because he is genuinely interested in sprint car racing and sincerely looks forward to being involved”. The new marketing agreement will now make the series officially the “Mo Vaughn Transport – Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series” for the 22 event schedule which begins Saturday, May 9th at Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio and concludes Saturday, October 10th at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.

More than fifteen drivers representing six different states have indicated their intentions to compete full time on the tour that will host events in 4 states. With the addition of Mo Vaughn Transport, teams and fans will see many new improvements with the series including a souvenir trailer and scorecards that will include drivers rosters, news and notes from the series and a chance to win prizes at each racing event!

For more details on the series, please visit www.buckeyesprints.com and for more information on Mo Vaughn Transport, please visit www.movaughntransport.com and be sure to check out their opportunities for driving employment! More exciting details are coming in the next few days, but it’s safe to say that BOSS has knocked it out of the park with Mo Vaughn Transport!

BOSS Announces New Marketing Partners for 2015

With opening day roughly two months away, the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series has been hard at work securing the most impressive team of marketing partners the series has yet to see.  On the strength of many returning premier heat race and bonus award sponsors, the series has acquired an equally impressive list of new business owners that are excited to join the fastest growing traditional sprint car series in the nation. 
A tentative agreement has been reached with a new title sponsor and that announcement will hopefully become official in the next few weeks.  Returning sponsors from last season covering bonus awards are Hochstetler Truck and Auto Repair of Ashland, Ohio who will sponsor the $50 bonus to the highest finishing steel block engine in the main event.   Lynn Cook, a Racer's Friend from the Dayton area will return as the "Hard Luck Award" $50 sponsor at each event and the Bridge Restaurant of Sidney, Ohio is back as the main event $50 "Hard Charger" award.   Lias Tire / American Racer returns as sponsor of heat race #2 at each event while also supplying a free tire to the highest finisher in the A-Main on all four American Racer tires.
New to the BOSS marketing team for 2015 is Cowen Truck Line of Perrysville, Ohio who will be providing the ever popular free beverage cooler for the teams.  Design 500 Racing Safety Wear has committed to providing a new bonus award at each event.  To commemorate Ohio legend Rusty McClure's career and dedication to BOSS, the 9th place finisher at each event will earn a $100 gift certificate toward the purchase of Design 500 equipment.  This is a tribute to McClure's career in his car #09 that graced Ohio speedways for many years.   The "Lucky Pill Draw" will also return and a new bonus award called the "Perseverance Award" has been added with sponsors yet to be named.  The Perseverance Award will be $50 to the driver with the worst heat race pill draw who still makes the main event.
The new sponsor of heat race #1 at each and every BOSS event for 2015 will be Moose Racing 92 / Huntington Beach Glass from Anaheim, California.  Moose Racing campaigns a sprint car on the west coast and may make a few Midwest appearances in July with their driver Jake Swanson.  As stated earlier, Lias Tire / American Racer returns as heat #2 sponsor.  Now for heat #3 BOSS welcomes Hoosier Race Tire who will also continue to provide a free tire to the highest finisher on all four Hoosier Racing Tires in each main event.  Watch for an announcement soon on heat race #4.
Individual heat race sponsors and contingency sponsors also include:  Kistler Engines of Fremont, Ohio, FAST Signs of Dayton, Ohio, Precise Racing of Sarver, Pennsylvania, McMillin Apiaries of Wampum, Pennsylvania, Rod End Supply of Olathe, Kansas, Southeast Harley Davidson of Cleveland, Ohio, S&H Nerfs of Piqua, Ohio, Diversified Machine (DMI) of Lancaster, PA, and Indy Race Parts of Indianapolis, Indiana. 
More exciting announcements are coming in the next few weeks.  The drivers roster will begin to be announced with two to three drivers profiles released at a time.  More than 15 drivers have indicated that they plan to chase the championship in 2015.  For more information on the series you can follow the tour on the website at www.buckeyesprints.com or "like" the series on facebook at "Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series" where you will see announcements even sooner. 


BOSS Releases Record 2015 Schedule of Events
The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series is proud to announce the 2015 tour schedule.  The tour that was formed from nothing just four years ago will now feature a record 22 races on 17 different race tracks in 4 states.  There are NO co-sanctions and NO "home" track.  This 2015 tour will test the drivers and teams with 1/4 mile tracks to 5/8 mile monsters.  The number one goal of the schedule was to strategically pair doubleheader weekends to save the teams travel expenses.  The heart of the schedule features bi-weekly doubleheaders with weekends off between them.
Last season the tour completed 14 of the 17 scheduled events with 3 rainouts.  The average car count was 36 cars per event with 12 different main event winners.  Seventeen drivers followed the tour chasing points one year ago, and 158 different drivers ran at least one event.  Wapakoneta, Ohio driver Mike "The Magic Man" Miller became the third champion in as many years narrowly edging inaugural series champion "the Hustlin Hoosier" Dustin Smith of Russiaville, Indiana. 
The 2015 season will kick-off on Saturday, May 9th at the historic Fremont Speedway.  A week later the tour will return to the most storied venue on the schedule when they attack Jason and Kristin Flory's Wayne County Speedway on May 16th.   After 2 stand alone Saturday shows, the bi-weekly doubleheaders begin.  Saturday, May 23rd finds the tour in the keystone state at Mercer Raceway Park.   BOSS officials are working on the only unfilled date of Sunday, May 24th.  Current negotiations with 2 different venues have officials hopeful that this will become of doubleheader weekend.
In one of the most highly anticipated moves in series history, a visit to Limaland Motorsports Park will kick off the June 5-6 weekend while Lawrenceburg Speedway just across the border in Indiana will make up night #2.   Following an off weekend, the series will return to action and make more history June 19-20 with their first visit to a pair of 1/4 mile bullrings.  Friday night will find the tour at the Legendary Hilltop Speedway in Marietta, Ohio for what promises to be the biggest event since the track was reopened just 3 years ago.  The Saturday portion of the weekend will see the historic first ever BOSS race in the mountaineer state as Tyler County Speedway in Middlebourne, West Virginia will hold the first true wingless sprint car race in that state since July 4th, 1969 when International Raceway Park in Ona, West Virginia held a USAC sanctioned event. 
The holiday weekend of July 3rd and 4th will see the tour at the traditional stops of Lernerville Speedway and the Pittsburgh PA Motor Speedway.  A week later it's on to Waynesfield Raceway Park for the annual Dick Spencer Memorial event July 11th which will mark the halfway point on the tour.  Following a 2 week mid season break, the tour will return to its birthplace on Friday, July 31st at Atomic Speedway.  The first ever BOSS event was held in July of 2011 at the track that was then known as K-C Raceway.  The return to the birthplace will kick off the only 3 day race weekend as the traveling gypsies will travel on to Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday and the weekend will conclude at Millstream Speedway in Findlay, Ohio on Sunday, August 2nd.  One week later, on Saturday, August 8th the tour will make its second visit of the season to Wayne County Speedway.
The much anticipated "Mike Hensel Memorial" at Fremont Speedway has been moved to Saturday, August 15th and will feature a 33 lap - $3300 to win main event in honor of Hensel.    The series will then have a 2 weekend break before the grueling home stretch of races.  The Labor Day weekend will find the series at two new venues.  Moler Raceway Park will play host on Friday, September 4th while Sunday September 6th will find them running the largest auto racing event in the 26 year history of the 35 Raceway Park near Frankfort, Ohio.  With school and football kicking into high gear, this will be the final doubleheader weekend of the season.
The series will then finish off with four stand alone Saturday events over a five week period.  A return of the highly successful event at Montpelier Motor Speedway will be on Saturday September 12th and a week later, the Waynesfield Raceway Park will host its second event on the year.  Drivers and teams will then get a weekend off before the final two big events on Saturday, October 3rd at Fremont Speedway and the finale where BOSS will again put on THE SHOW at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio!  The fourth champion of the tour will be crowned once again on the stage at the Big E for the event that has averaged 54 cars.
To keep up with all the latest BOSS news, don't waste your time and money on publications.  Just stay tuned into the BOSS website at www.buckeyesprints.com or follow the tour on Facebook.  Ohio Valley Dirt Track Racing (OVDTR.com) is now the new home for Ohio's auto racing news, and BOSS press releases will be featured there first.  BOSS and OVDTR have already teamed up to keep auto racing history alive in the area, so watch for many new historical features to be added soon!  

2015 BOSS Schedule Taking Shape
With the new year now upon us, the 2015 schedule release is just days away.  While much of the buckeye state is in turmoil as the new season approaches, fans can rest assured that the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series will be bringing an action packed, full field of professional sprint cars to each and every venue.  No less than six new tracks will have dates added to the tour that already has nineteen dates signed with 4 more tracks and dates still in negotiations.  Series officials will release the full schedule on Thursday, January 15th.
Last season, fourteen of the scheduled sixteen events were completed with twelve different drivers scoring victories.  The tour averaged 36 cars per show with a high of 53 race cars on two separate occasions (Waynesfield and Eldora).   One-hundred and fifty-eight different drivers competed in the 14 events completed a year ago and those drivers represented hometowns from 17 different states and Canada. 
Mike Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio became the third champion in tour history narrowly edging the inaugural series champion Dustin Smith of Russiaville, Indiana.  Both drivers earned one feature victory during the season.  Evans City, Pennsylvania driver Brandon Spithaler took over the top spot on the all time feature win list after scoring two wins on the tour. 
Watch for drivers bios to be added individually over the next few months as drivers sign on to follow the 2015 tour.   A year ago, seventeen drivers ran nearly all of the events.  BOSS officials expect around the same number of travelers to return to the series.  Heat race and bonus award sponsors will also be announced in the coming weeks!  Check back often as we begin to build up for the new season!!  



2014 BOSS Banquet Slated for November 15th
The Buckeye Machine BOSS sprint series teams, officials and fans will celebrate the completion of another successful season on Saturday, November 15th at Gears and Cheers Restaurant in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  Wapakoneta, Ohio driver Mike Miller will be crowned the 3rd champion in tour history and will pick up a check for $3,000 plus contingencies.  The top 15 teams in the final point standing will be honored with doors opening at 5:30 pm.  A social hour will include talk of the upcoming season plans from 6:00 to 7:00 pm with the banquet officially beginning at 7:00 pm. 
A full buffet with a choice of 3 entrees, dessert, and soft drinks will be served.  Tickets are $25 per adult and $15 for kids under 12.  The restaurant is a part of Southeast Harley Davidson who has been a sponsor of many BOSS heat races the last 2 seasons and they are working with the series to make this a more racer friendly banquet than in years past.  A live band will be performing later in the evening and they will remain open until 1 am just for the BOSS celebration.  BOSS events from 2014 will be aired on several televisions during the evening. 
The host hotel for the weekend will be the Hampton Inn in nearby Solon, Ohio.  The special rate for rooms is $89.00 per night and they will be offering free shuttle service to and from the banquet.  The shuttle will pick up at the hotel at 5:30 and 6:30 pm and will depart the restaurant to head back to the hotel at 10:00 pm, 11:00 pm, 12:00 am and 1:00 am.
To order banquet tickets, please send check or money order to BOSS, 2177 Lunbeck Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601.  Advanced reservations must be made in order to properly prepare the banquet. 
To reserve a room for Friday or Saturday night at $89.00, please call the Hampton Inn at 440-542-0400.  Be sure to ask for the "group reservation" under the code of "ADR" for dirt track racers. 
Gears and Cheers is located at 23333 Aurora Road in Bedford Heights, Ohio and the hotel address is 6035 Enterprise Parkway in Solon, Ohio. 
Teams unable to attend the banquet may contact the BOSS office to make arrangements to get their points money.  Any team who does not attend will receive their cash prize less $25 for the cost of a banquet ticket. 
Please make plans to join us as we distribute over $15,000 in cash and prizes courtesy of our many sponsors including Buckeye Machine of Forest, Ohio who has made this season possible.   
For questions or more information, please call 740-703-3768 or e-mail

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