Recent Tour Photos
Justin Owen (4J) works the high side on Aaron Middaugh (91x).
Shawn Westerfeld (89) on the outside with Andy Feil (08) in the middle and Adam Strausser (40x) on the inside.
Bob McMillin (5) fends off the challenge of Rick Holley (86).

Cooper Clouse (14c) stalks Carmen Perigo (21).

2017 BOSS Heat Race Sponsors

Heat #1

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Heat #5

2017 Buckeye Machine BOSS Bonus Award Sponsors

The Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger" Award

 "Steel Block" Award

 "Preserverance" Award

 "Hard Luck" Award

Lucky Pill Draw Award

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CHILLICOTHE, OH—The Rick’s Truck and Equipment Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series kicked off the season Saturday night April 22. Despite a damp and chilly night, 24 traditional sprint cars packed the pit area at Atomic Speedway. Justin Owen of Harrison, Ohio picked up his second career tour victory in a 25 lap feature event that was slowed by 3 cautions.

Kirk Jeffries and Justin Owen would pace the field to the initial green with Owen quickly asserting command. Despite facing challenge from several competitors including Cody Gardner, Dustin Smith and his front row starting mate Kirk Jeffries, Owen powered up and led all 25 laps. 

It was an overall good night for the Fischesser-Owen Racing crew. Michael Fischesser, carrying the 44 in honor of the late Greg Stabb, started 16th and gave Owen everything he had on a tricky track that sent many towards the front of the pack to the high side of the 3/8th’s mile oval.

As Fischesser approached nearing the halfway point of the 25 lap feature, a caution flew for Lewisburg, Ohio’s Ryan Myers as his right rear gave away ending his night. Myers mustered a charge in his first 13 laps, rocketing from his eleventh starting spot to battling for a podium spot in third before his issues arose. 

The second yellow of the evening flew on Lap 20 as Riley VanHise and Bryan Nuckles tangled in turn 3 bringing the field to a slow and bunching up the leaders. They would restart again with Owen holding his ground out front over teammate Michael Fischesser. The two couldn’t duke it out for long as another caution flag flew on Lap 22 for a spinning Aaron Middaugh in between turns one and two.

The final restart of the race on Lap 22 showcased non-wing traditional sprint car racing to its best. With just 3 laps to go, Cincinnati, Ohio driver Michael Fischesser gave it one last ditch effort in hopes of claiming his first BOSS win. Fischesser rode a lane below Owen on the top side of the speedway, trying to keep his momentum and slide his way to victory. Despite multiple challenges from the 44 machine of Fischesser, Owen motored around the top side en route to his second career BOSS win, his first coming at the Lernerville Speedway last July.

The great battles on the speedway weren’t just at the front. Great side by side, three and even four wide duels took place Saturday night. Toledo, Ohio’s Chad Wilson started 13th and battled the cars of Matt Westfall and Carmen Perigo, all three of which are 2017 BOSS Tour members, for the Top 5 all night long.

That now makes 5 different winners in 5 different appearances at the Atomic Speedway forthe Rick’s Truck and Equipment Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series. 

The tour makes its next stop at “The Track That Action Built” at the Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio on Saturday, May 13th.

Story: Ryan Kent Jr

Photo: Brandon Murray


 DRC CHASSIS HEAT 1 – 1. 54-Matt Westfall (4),  2. 4J-Justin Owen (3),  3. 21-Carmen Perigo (5),  4. 77-Dustin Smith (6),  5. 14-Chad Wilson (7),  6. 44-Michael Fischesser (8),  7. 5-Bob McMillin (1), 8. 76-JJ Hughes (2)


AMERICAN RACER/LIAS TIRE HEAT 2 – 1. 59J-Kirk Jeffries (2),  2. 9G-Cody Gardner (7),  3. 19-Matt Cooley (3),  4. 99-Ryan Myers (8),  5. 53-Steve Little (5), 6. 59-Bryan Nuckles (1), 7. 40x-Adam Strausser (6), 8. 31-Buddy Lowther (4)

HOOSIER RACING TIRE/TCB SPEED HEAT 3 – 1. 87-Paul Dues (3), 2. 91x-Aaron Middaugh, (4), 3. 08-Andy Feil (2), 4. 82-Mike Miller (7), 5. 96-Riley VanHise (5), 6. 9J-Jesse McCreary (1), 7. 3-Joe Butera (6), 8. 51-Curtis Muhlenkamp (8)


FEATURE – 1. 4J-Justin Owen (2) , 2. 44-Michael Fischesser (16), 3. 77-Dustin Smith (10), 4. 59J-Kirk Jeffries (2), 5. 14-Chad Wilson (13), 6. 54-Matt Westfall (9), 7. 21-Carmen Perigo (5), 8. 9G-Cody Gardner (7), 9. 53-Steve Little (14), 10. 87-Paul Dues (6), 11. 19-Matt Cooley (4), 12. 82-Mike Miller (12), 13. 40x-Adam Strausser (20), 14. 08-Andy Feil (3), 15. 5-Bob McMillin (19),  16. 9J-Jesse McCreary (18), 17. 91x-Aaron Middaugh (8), 18. 31-Buddy Lowther  (22), 19. 3-Joe Butera (21), 20. 51-Curtis Muhlenkamp (23), 21. 59-Bryan Nuckles (17), 22. 96-Riley VanHise (15), 23. 99-Ryan Myers (11), 24. 76-JJ Hughes (24)


Hard Charger Award - The Bridge Restaurant ; Sidney, OH – 44-Michael Fischesser

Hard Luck Award - J.F. Construction ; Bucyrus, OH – 76-JJ Hughes

Lucky Pill Draw Award - Apple Metal Polishing ; Eldorodo, OH – 3-Joe Butera, 40x-Adam Strausser

Perseverance Award - All Pro Cylinder Heads ; Johnstown, OH – 14-Chad Wilson

Steel Block Award - Cowen Truck Line ; Perrysville, OH – 9J-Jesse McCreary

Sweet Move Award - McMillin Apiaries ; Wampum, PA – 9J-Jesse McCreary




BOSS Announces 2017 Touring Stars

Opening day for the Rick's Trucks & Equipment BOSS sprint car tour is just 3 days away. The traditional wingless sprint cars will roll into Brad McCown's historic 3/8 mile - high banked Atomic Speedway Saturday night.  For the BOSS teams, this is a trip back to where it all began back in 2011, when the track still went by the "K-C Raceway" name.  Justin Grant of Ione, California scored the win that July evening kicking off what is now one of the premiere wingless sprint series in the nation.

From humble beginnings in 2011 and 2012, BOSS has grown steadily every year.  The last two seasons it has carried the most full time teams of any sprint car traveling series.  It appears 2017 will be no exception as eighteen teams and drivers have "thrown their hat in the ring" and will make a bid for the championship title. 

Past champions Dustin Smith of Russiaville, Indiana and Mike Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio will return in search of joining Shawn Westerfeld as repeat titlists.   Smith, known as "The Hustlin Hoosier" will once again be in Lou Gagliardi's Dom's Gulf #77.  He was the 2012 champion and one year ago scored the win at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway.  Miller will be back in his own car #82 in which he scored the 2014 championship title.

Also returning to the title chase are two of the longest continually running teams on tour.  Aaron "Mid Air" Middaugh of Polk, Ohio will return in the Shakely Mechanical #91x.  Middaugh remains the only driver to attend every BOSS sanctioned event ever held.  Michael Fischesser of Cincinnati, Ohio is back, but some new looks with a new #44 in honor of the late Greg Staab.  Known as the "Nati Nightmare", Fischesser was one of the drivers in the inaugural BOSS race at Atomic in 2011.  Fischesser will also have alongside,  teammate "The Juice" Justin Owen from Harrison, Ohio who will be in his 3rd season of competition with the series.

Another returning star with a long BOSS resume and a new look in 2017 is the "Tall Cool One" Chad Wilson of Toledo, Ohio.  Chad will be back in his own car #14.  A trio of Pennsylvania drivers will represent the Keystone state.  Bob "The Honey Bear" McMillin will be in the McMillin Apiaries #5 out of Wampum.  Also from Wampum will be "Machine Gun" Joe Butera who will be back in car #3.  Both Wampum drivers will be starting their 4th BOSS tours and fellow PA driver Andy Feil, known as the "New Castle Night Crawler" from New Castle, PA will be in his sophomore season.

Also returning for his 4th season on the tour is Steve Little of Waynesfield, Ohio.  Better known as "The Quiet Riot", Little looks to make some noise in car #53.  Entering his 3rd full tour of BOSS is "The Monroe Madman" Cody Gardner from Monroe, Ohio.  Looking to avenge a terrible start one year ago, Gardner will be back in his own #9, a number in honor of his grandfather - former Lawrenceburg Speedway champion Gus Gardner.

Although they fell off the tour early one year ago, Kirk Jeffries and Riley VanHise will return to full time status.  Jeffries of Westerville, Ohio will be in the Make-It-Fit Foundation #59J.  The foundation works closely with autism and autism awareness.  VanHise, from Covington, Ohio, had his season cut short last year by engine woes.  He returns this year with a new Triple X chassis sporting some new colors.

Finally, new to the tour for this year are #21 Carmen Perigo from Stoystown, Pennsylvania, #19 Matt Cooley from Greenville, Ohio, #54 Matt Westfall from Ludlow Falls, Ohio, #87 Paul Dues from Minster, Ohio and #44L Buddy Lowther from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Based on years of experience and number of BOSS events run, only Dues and Cooley will be eligible for the 2017 Superior Bearing "Rookie of the Year" award.  Westfall already has a BOSS win on his resume at Waynesfield Raceway Park and Perigo came very close to winning at Lernerville Speedway just last summer. 

The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series would not be possible without the help of the many fine sponsors listed below.  Please take a moment to thank them.  Their contributions are what helps keep all these wheels turning each and every Saturday night!

Title Sponsor:

Rick's Trucks & Eqipment ; Kenton, Ohio

Heat race pay is provided by the following sponsors:

Heat #1:  DRC Chassis of Indianapolis, IN

Heat #2:  Lias Tire / American Racer

Heat #3:  Hoosier Race Tires

Heat #4:  TCB Speed Equipment

Bonus Awards Provided by the following sponsors:

Hard Charger Award $50 - The Bridge Restaurant ; Sidney, Ohio

Hard Luck Award $50 - J F Construction ; Bucyrus, Ohio

Steel Block Award $50 - Cowen Truck Lines ; Perrysville, Ohio

Perseverance Award $50 - All Pro Cylinder Heads ; Johnstown, Ohio

Lucky Pill Draw Award $50 - Apple Metal Polishing ; Eldorodo, Ohio

Sweet Move of the race $25 - McMillin Apiaries ; Wampum, Pennsylvania

Special thanks to additional sponsors who help provide the top 15 points teams tow money which include:

The Blue Room Restaurant ; Kirby, Ohio

Cooley Cabinets ; Greenville, Ohio

Griff's Racing Engines ; Sandusky, Ohio

FAST Signs ; Dayton, Ohio

Southeast Harley Davidson ; Cleveland, Ohio

Superior Bearing & Supply ; Bradenton, Florida

The Rick's Trucks and Equipment - Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) is set to kick off its 2017 tour this Saturday, April 22nd at the Atomic Speedway just south of Chillicothe, Ohio.  This will mark the seventh season of competition for the traditional wingless sprint car series that lays claim to being the last true "outlaw" sprint car series.

Founded in 2011, the tour did not see its first repeat champion until last season when the "Guilford Gasser" Shawn Westerfeld of Guilford, Indiana scored his second consecutive title.  However, for 2017, the Hoosier hot shoe has elected to pick and choose his events and does not plan to defend the crown.


This opens the door for a whole host of potential new champions.  But two past titlists are already gearing up to attempt to join Westerfeld in the history books as a repeat champ.  The inaugural points champion, "The Hustlin Hoosier" Dustin Smith of Russiaville, Indiana and 2014 champ Mike "The Magic Man" Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio both will return.


On Wednesday, watch for the full release of 18 drivers who have committed to the full 2017 title chase.  A points payout of $15,000 in cash and prizes awaits the top 15 in year in points, mostly provided by title sponsor Rick's Trucks and Equipment of Kenton, Ohio.


Opening night at Atomic Speedway promises to be a thrilling event.  In total, four races have been contested to date on the fast, high banked 3/8 mile dirt track with 2 of those 4 being some of the most exciting finishes in the track's 65 year history.  Past winners at Atomic includes  California natives Justin Grant and Kody Swanson, Atomic's own local favorite Todd Kane and defending champion Westerfeld who won the last event there back in September.  


This Saturday at Atomic, pit gates will be open for teams all day but the pit area will be cleared and officially opened at 2 pm. General admission gates will open at 4.  As always, there are no membership or entry fees at all with BOSS.  Mufflers are not required for this event.  Methanol is available for sale at the track.  Also, TCB Speed will have the official BOSS parts trailer on site.  Pill draw for registration will close at 6 pm with hot laps immediately following.  Pit passes are $35 for this event but there will be no transponder fee.  

For more information on this event, please check out Atomic Speedway's website at   

Complete Payout Information:

25 Lap A-Main:  1) $1500,  2) $900,  3) $700,  4) $600,  5) $500,  6) $450,  7) $400,  8) $375,  9) $350,  10) $325,  11) $300,  12) $290,  13) $280,  14) $270,  15) $260,  16) $250,  17) $250,  18) $250,  19) $250,  20) $250.

All cars competing but not making the main event will earn $100

Heat race payouts:  1) $40,  2) $30,  3) $20,  4) $10

Heat race pay is provided by the following sponsors

Heat #1:  DRC Chassis of Indianapolis, IN

Heat #2:  Lias Tire / American Racer

Heat #3:  Hoosier Race Tires

Heat #4:  TCB Speed Equipment

Bonus Awards Provided by the following sponsors:

Hard Charger Award $50 - The Bridge Restaurant ; Sidney, Ohio

Hard Luck Award $50 - J F Construction ; Bucyrus, Ohio

Steel Block Award $50 - Cowen Truck Lines ; Perrysville, Ohio

Perseverance Award $50 - All Pro Cylinder Heads ; Johnstown, Ohio

Lucky Pill Draw Award $50 - Apple Metal Polishing ; Eldorodo, Ohio

Sweet Move of the race $25 - McMillin Apiaries ; Wampum, Pennsylvania

Special thanks to additional sponsors who help provide the top 15 points teams tow money which include:

The Blue Room Restaurant ; Kirby, Ohio

Cooley Cabinets ; Greenville, Ohio

Griff's Racing Engines ; Sandusky, Ohio

FAST Signs ; Dayton, Ohio

Southeast Harley Davidson ; Cleveland, Ohio

Superior Bearing & Supply ; Bradenton, Florida


BOSS and ISC Sports Network partner to bring traditional sprint car racing to Indiana Television


CHILLICOTHE, OHIO – Indiana based ISC Sports Network and the Ohio based Rick’s Truck and Equipment Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series today announced a partnership that brings each of the 19 BOSS Sprint Car events to the ISC Sports Network.

The ISC Sports Network features select state wide programming from several different sources around the Hoosier state. All 19 BOSS races will be aired the following Monday morning after a race weekend. Races are also available to watch on demand online at or by downloading the ISC Sports Network app, which is now available on Apple and Android.

Founded in 2011 by Aaron Fry, the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series, now backed by Ohio based trucking company Rick’s Truck and Equipment, aimed to be the last true outlaws of racing. The series utilizes 410 non wing traditional sprint cars at each and every event. The 2017 season features 19 races in 3 different states, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Now, with the partnership between ISC Sports Network and the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series race fans from around the world can watch BOSS action on their phone, laptop or from the comfort of their home on TV for race fans in Indiana.

The ISC Sports Network partnership enables the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series to expand its media footprint and allow more exposure of the series to racing fans around the world.

BOSS Series Founder/Owner Aaron Fry is excited about the partnership “In the short history of the BOSS series, we have developed a competitive series with big car counts. I’m excited that we can now share this with a much bigger audience world wide”

All 19 BOSS events will feature a true television production from Southeastern Indiana based ETC Sports producing the content and BOSS Series Announcer Ryan Kent Jr. as the television voice of the series as well.

Racing programming will feature the entire Rick’s Truck and Equipment BOSS night of action. From Pre-Race interviews to Heat Race action through the A-Main the production by ETC Sports will draw fans closer to the nightly BOSS action, even if they were there in person just days prior.

Along with full program video being available to fans the Monday morning after the events, fans can now watch A-Main highlights on the BOSS YouTube page along with other driver based content about the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series.

“This exciting opportunity is a step in the right direction for everyone involved” said BOSS Series Owner/Founder Aaron Fry “The BOSS tour has been built with the help of many fine sponsors and race teams. This will give them much needed exposure and reward them as well as helping the tour to grow as well.”




BOSS Gears Up for 2017 With Strong Bonus Program

With just 4 weeks until the first green flag flies, the Rick's Trucks and Equipment BOSS tour is gearing up for its biggest and best season to date.  With the full time drivers list approaching the 20 team mark and the addition of  full time race announcer, Ryan Kent Jr., 2017 appears to have the necessary ingredients to be a banner season.  The success and growth of the series would not be happening without the help of our marketing partners who provide all of the bonus awards and incentives that keep these teams on the road week after week.

Rick's Trucks and Equipment of Kenton, Ohio remains the title sponsor helping to provide a points fund totaling nearly $15,000 in cash and awards to the top 15 finishers in  the season long standings.   Once again, a $3,000 check plus contingencies await the overall points champion. 

Standard BOSS events will continue to pay the following feature purse:  1) 1,500   2) 900   3) 700   4) 600   5) 500   6) 450   7) 400   8) 375   9) 350   10) 325   11) 300   12) 290   13) 280   14) 270   15) 260   16) 250 with $250 to start all main events.  BOSS will start 20 cars in all main events with car counts at 29 or less.  When the car count in attendance is between 30 and 39 cars, the starting field will be increased to 22.  If the number of cars entered is 40 or more, then 24 cars will run the main event.  There will still be $100  tow money to awarded to all competing cars who fail to make the main event.

For full time BOSS teams, the top 15 in points will be guaranteed $300 to start every main event and $150 tow money to non starters.  Bonus eligibility for the first 3 events ( April 22, May 13 and May 20) will be based off of the final 2016 standings.  Beginning with event #4, the top 15 teams in the 2017 current standings will be in the bonus money.  With more than 15 teams committing to the full schedule, BOSS is happy to announce that we will pay the bonus to ALL teams with perfect attendance starting at the 4th event.

As always, BOSS is proud to have the continued support of both Hoosier Race Tires and American Racer Tires.  The increasingly popular "open tire rule" is still the staple of the BOSS program.  With the open tire rule, lack of a weight rule, and NEVER any "membership" or "entry" fees, the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series IS THE last true OUTLAW sprint car series.  BOSS takes pride in not restricting teams from running when and where they please. 

The full time teams stay loyal to BOSS primarily because of all the great marketing partners who supply heat race money, bonus money and many other perks along the trail.  Heat races will once again pay cash to the top 4 finishers it $40, 30, 20 and 10 respectively.  There will also be five (5) bonus awards of $50 cash each and another at $25.  Also, the highest finishing driver on each brand of tire (all 4 corners) will be awarded a free tire from the respective manufacturer.  The following is a complete list of our 2017 contributors:

Title Sponsor - Rick's Trucks & Equipment ; Kenton, OH

Heat Race #1 - DRC Chassis ; Indianapolis, IN

Heat Race #2 - Lias Tire / American Racer ; Indiana, PA

Heat Race #3 - Hoosier Racing Tire ; Lakeville, IN

Heat Race #4 - TCB Speed ; Pendleton, IN

Hard Charger Award - The Bridge Restaurant ; Sidney, OH

Hard Luck Award - J.F. Construction ; Bucyrus, OH

Lucky Pill Draw Award - Apple Metal Polishing ; Eldorodo, OH

Perseverance Award - All Pro Cylinder Heads ; Johnstown, OH

Steel Block Award - Cowen Truck Line ; Perrysville, OH

Sweet Move Award - McMillin Apiaries ; Wampum, PA

Other sponsors include The Blue Room restaurant in Kirby, Ohio who will provide the ever popular "free drink" cooler.  Cooley Cabinets of Greenville, Ohio is on board to provide fans a look back into the past every Tuesday on facebook with "Turnback Tuesday".  Superior Bearing & Supply of Bradenton, Florida is back to sponsor the 2017 BOSS Rookie of the Year award.  Other contributors include:  Southeast Harley Davidson of Cleveland, FAST Signs of Dayton, Griff's Engines of Sandusky, Diversified Machine Inc (DMI), and TRL Driving Suits. 

The 2017 season gets underway at Atomic Speedway on Saturday, April 22nd and concludes at Fremont Speedway with the Mike Hensel Memorial on Saturday, September 30th.  Along the way, BOSS teams will compete for a record amount in purses with two $5,000 to win races at Fremont Speedway's "Hensel Memorial"

and Mansfield Motorsports Park's "Great Lakes Nationals".  There is also two $3,000 to win events at Waynesfield Raceway Park's "Jack Hewitt Classic" and Atomic Speedway's "Open Wheel Championship".  Other tracks along the tour include Portsmouth Raceway Park, Limaland Motorsports Park, Lawrenceburg Speedway, Montpelier Motor Speedway, Route 44 Speedway, Mercer Raceway Park, Lernerville Speedway and Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. 

The complete 2017 BOSS drivers list will be announced in the next few weeks.  For more information, be sure to follow the BOSS series on facebook or log on to   Information can also be obtained by e-mailing or phone 740-703-3768.


With race season just around the corner, BOSS / Cooley Cabinet "Turnback Tuesday" will now be dedicated to the BOSS facebook page only - to see this week's forgotten Ohio track of the week, Torch Speedway, please follow our updates throughout the day here .....



This week's Cooley Cabinet - Turnback Tuesday "Track of the Week" is the Cincinnati - Hamilton Speedway which was located just east of Fairfield, Ohio along Dixie Highway.  To see more about this track and other posts about Ohio's racing past, be sure to "like" the BOSS facebook page!

Cincinnati - Hamilton Speedway was a high banked 1/2 mile dirt oval that opened on Sunday, May 26th, 1929 with a seven event program for "big cars" or sprint cars by today's standards.  It was advertised as the "highest banked track in Ohio" at the time.  An odd fact about this track is that it claimed it's first driver fatality the year BEFORE it opened.  The track was built late in 1928 and 20 year old local racer Sherman Bruck was killed in a September practice crash.  The only other known fatality was 30 year old Wilbert Chaney who died testing his roadster in July of 1929.  Ironically, Chaney was just the car owner and Henry Schlosser, his winning driver, had just gotten out of the car and Chaney was traveling at a far less speed than Schlosser had just been running but apparently a wheel broke causing the crash.

In 1939, a quarter mile midget track was built inside the half mile.  Frank Funk, who was most famous for owning and/or promoting Winchester, Dayton, Jungle Park and many others, also promoted Cincinnati - Hamilton for a while.  The track closed down for World War II at the end of the 1941 season.  Like many tracks, it would never reopen once racing resumed in 1945.  A drive-in theater was built on the site in the 50's and it remained until the late 1990's.  Today, one would be hard pressed to even prove to the locals that a high speed half mile once occupied the site.

photo 1:  A great photo showing cars racing through turn 1-2 at Cincinnati - Hamilton Speedway

photo 2:  A hard to find, head on view of the grandstands.

photo 3:  The track is drawn in on this 2016 aerial photo from Google Earth.

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This week's "Turnback" track of the week is the Powell Speedway

Powell Speedway was located on what was once the Delaware County Fairgrounds through 1937.  The half mile horse track hosted auto races from 1939 until 1941 and the U.S. entry into WWII.  Chuck Murphy returned from the war and along with his father, they cleaned up the property and built the banked 1/2 mile Powell Speedway which actually ran the opposite direction of the old fairground half mile.  Opening day was June 30, 1946.  In the 50's, a 1/4 mile oval was added in the infield and both tracks spent time as paved and dirt ovals.  The 1965 season was the end of racing at Powell but amazingly, the track remained for the next 35 years with some of the remaining fairground buildings still being used.  In 2001, a housing development was built on the site. 


photo 1:  A 1947 CSRA sprint car event program from Powell Speedway

photo 2:  An aerial photo of Powell as of 1989

photo 3:  A modern aerial of Powell with the old half mile drawn in for reference 

photo 4:  Mike Salay at Powell in the late 40's - the grandstand visible in the background

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This week's forgotten track of the week is R & R Speedway in Zanesville, Ohio

R & R Speedway was built and promoted by Robert "Punk" Graves and opened for Sunday afternoon racing in 1988 officially called R & R Motor Speedway.  The track was listed as 3/8 mile but was closer to 1/4 mile.  The name was quickly shortened to just R & R Speedway and racing action switched to Friday nights after lights were installed.  Late models were the staple attraction through the years along with standard stock car support classes.  However, in 1995, Graves tried winged 410 sprint cars and the first race was won by Australian native and World of Outlaw sprint car driver Kerry Madsen on Sunday, May 28, 1995.  Our very own Rusty McClure of BOSS ran second to Madsen in that race!  Sprint cars ran there weekly for most of the '95 season but car counts were not steady enough to keep them on board.  By 1999, things were going downhill.  The track opened for its first 2 events of the season, then shut down.  The last known event was won by Scott Peltz on May 7, 1999.  Jay Cline (father of racer D.J. Cline) leased the track and planned to open in mid June as the "New R & R Speedway" but no race results were ever published.  The track lay waiting from '99 until 2014 waiting on a re-opening that would never come.  In 2014, the track was leveled and very little evidence remains there was ever a track there. 

The photos attached were from my visit there in 2004 while the aerial photo is from 2012.

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It's time for another edition of BOSS "Turnback Tuesday"

Brought to you by Cooley Cabinets of Greenville, Ohio


This week's track of the week is the McCutchenville Speedway which may hold the record for the most different names a track raced under in a very few years.  Built by Neil "Toby" Zeigler, the track was listed as a 3/8 mile oval and was originally called Mohawk Speedway.   Located on Rt 53 west of Tiffin, the track opened on July 18th, 1971 with a late model program won by Art Ball.  In 1973, Bruce Keisling leased the facility from Zeigler and renamed it Mid-America Raceway Park.  In 1974, Leroy Davidson took over the lease and called it Mid-America Speedway.  Late in 1974, Joe and Dot Kulcsar of Fremont Speedway fame came in and gave the track its best shot.  They operated the track as Mid America Speedway until 1982 when they changed the name to Riverside Speedway.  Sprint car driver Rick Ferkel and Paul Morgan operated the track in 1983 calling it Quad City Speedway.  After sitting dormant for a few years, Bob Raubenolt reopened the facility under the name O.K. Corral Speedway and ran in 1986 and 1987.  In 1988, a gentleman from New York named Ray Plakstis bought it and renamed it McCutchenville Speedway USA, but never ran a race. 

Today, the track remains complete.  The grandstands and flag stand are getting dangerous.  But the guardrail and some fencing still looks pretty good.  The water truck and some other equipment still lie in waiting for a race that will never come.  Several new houses have been built nearby and the pit area could not hold today's race rigs.  Mohawk (or whatever you choose to call it) was built for an era when the cars were towed on single axle open trailers or on the back of trucks.  What could hold 60 race cars in 1971 can't hold 25 cars in 2017. 

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photo 1:  The first ever ad for Mohawk to appear in a 1971 issue of Mid American Auto Racing News

photo 2:  Opening day winner Art Ball of Tiffin, Ohio

photo 3:  An aerial view of the property in 2012

photo 4:  A view from today looking toward turn 1

photo 5:  A view from today looking toward turn 4


It's Time for Cooley Cabinets - Turnback Tuesday!  Special thanks to Mark and Matt Cooley for sponsoring this look back into history and remember, there is always more posted on the BOSS facebook page. 

This week's buckeye state - forgotten "track of the week' is the Glen Este Speedway near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Opened in 1950, Glen Este went by several similar names such as Glen Este Speedbowl and Glen Este Race Bowl.    In 1965 it was purchased by Francis Rapp of Amelia, Ohio and renamed Greater Cincinnati Race Bowl.  Some of the consistent winners over the years included Ralph Latham, Billy Teegarden, and Ross Smith.  The final auto races were run around 1972 but motorcycle racing continued for another few years at the site.  Today, little league baseball fields sit on the site. 

Photo 1:  This aerial view of the Glen Este 1/4 mile oval is from 1966.  Yes, that's a figure eight track crossing in the infield. 

Photo 2:  From that opening season of 1950, here's the flagman at Glen Este on the track which was typical in the day.  One scorer with the flagman and you can see some spectators back hiding in the trees!

Photo 3:  Car #9 tries to make 4 it wide at Glen Este.  Who is the bravest?  The driver of car #55 or the fans in the background!

Photo 4:  Glen Este in 1973 shows Ed Eschman in car #27 awaiting his turn to qualify.


BOSS / TBT Photo of the week


Turnback Tuesday "10 Years Ago" - A very young Stratton Briggs in victory lane at the 2007 Buckeye Bowl indoor event at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  Stratton was the 2016 BOSS Rookie of the Year!  


It's time for another Cooley Cabinets - Turnback Tuesday!  This week, in addition to a "track of the week" we will also be posting some looks back at the Ohio racing scene 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years ago on the BOS Facebook page.   Be sure to thank Mark and Matt Cooley of Greenville, Ohio if you enjoy the historical articles! 

This week's "Track of the Week" is the nearly forgotten Highpoint Speedway near Cincinnati, Ohio.  Highpoint operated from 1949 to 1951 and perhaps longer.  The only photos uncovered so far are from 1951.  This is the first photos ever published online of Highpoint and they come from the Jim Richmond family.  Highpoint was located in the village by that name just north of Cincinnati near the 275 / 71 intersection. 

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BOSS names Ryan Kent  Jr. as "Voice of the Tour"

The Rick's Trucks & Equipment BOSS sprint car tour is excited to announce the addition of a full time series announcer for 2017.  For the first six seasons, tour owner Aaron Fry and his daughter, Elizabeth Fry have handled nearly every aspect of running the series.  With the fast growth and the most full time race teams of any sprint series in the nation, it has become imperative that extra help was needed. 

During the final three events of 2016, fans may have heard a new voice along with the regular race track announcers.  The new voice was that of 17 year old Ryan Kent Jr. who is in his senior year at Greensburg Community High School in Greensburg, Indiana.  Kent entered broadcasting at a very young age, already having three and a half years of experience in over 400 sporting events.  Having grown up at the Indy 500 and being an Indiana native, it's only natural that wingless traditional sprint car racing would become a favorite for him. 

Ryan is excited about the new opportunity to become the first ever "voice" of the BOSS tour, saying "The opportunity to be able to take my love for broadcasting and my love for racing and put them together, is something I've always wanted to do."   He also added, "Thankfully I've had the opportunity the last few years on both TV and in the tower at Lawrenceburg Speedway, to learn from some of the best in the business."

This new position will relieve some pressure on tour owner Aaron Fry.  He's hopeful for more opportunities to be available to sponsors, race teams and even race fans throughout the events.  "It's all been a lot to handle for myself and my daughter.  From the time the gates opened until the payoff at the end of the night, we were constantly handling the running of the night's events and making sure we were in the score tower to assist track personnel.  With Ryan in the tower, we know we have a fantastic BOSS representative in there and we can begin to grow the series in other ways" said Fry.  

Race teams will now see Aaron and Elizabeth a lot more through the running of the race events.  The fans will now get a double dose of racing excitement with their home track announcer and Ryan Kent bringing the BOSS tour flavor to the microphone.  Look for more fan interaction than ever before with BOSS, it's employees and racers.

Kent also expressed his gratitude to Lawrenceburg Speedway promoters, Dave and Kim Rudisell, who gave him his first opportunity in auto racing saying, "for that, I am forever grateful!"  With the 2017 opener now just 13 weeks away, he added "I cannot wait to get to Atomic!".

Watch for more exciting BOSS news in the coming weeks as we announce another new staff position, new tour sponsors and soon we will begin announcing the stars who will be on tour full time in 2017! 


The ALL NEW - Cooley Cabinet "Turnback Tuesday" 

Today's story features the story and remains of the Greenville Motor Speedway in Greenville, Ohio.  This legendary half mile oval first opened on July 4th, 1930.  It was one of the most important tracks in Ohio's formative years of auto racing.  The track closed at the end of the 1952 season.  Everyone we have encountered has said that "nothing remains" of Greenville today.  Today's Turnback Tuesday proves that a lot remains of Greenville.  Some of the modern photos are from our visit in 2004 and we have a video shot just last week on January 12th, 2017.  If you want to see a lot more of this track and story, please follow the BOSS series on facebook at the link below.

Photo 1:  This aerial photo from google earth shows Greenville Speedway's ghostly remains just south of the old abandoned drive-in theater.  The front stretch was the west side of the 1/2 mile oval.

Photo 2:  An action photo from the 40's of Greenville Motor Speedway. 

Photo 3:  The front stretch concrete wall still stands and on the ground is the remains of the collapsed grandstand.  We were literally walking on the metal roof which is now on the ground.

Photo 4:  Even the ticket booths remain.  This photo was taken in 2004.  In our visit last week, we discovered that they have started to collapse.  Join us on facebook to see more than a dozen additional photos and stories.


2017 BOSS Schedule  Release

The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series is excited to announce the 2017 tour dates for the "Last True Outlaws" of auto racing.  The upcoming season will mark the sixth full seasonal tour for the Ohio based traditional wingless sprint tour that was established and opened in 2011.


Rick's Trucks and Equipment of Kenton, Ohio has proudly returned as the title sponsor.  DRC Chassis Company of Indiana has joined the tour as the new sponsor of the first heat race at each event.  Cooley Cabinets of Greenville, Ohio is also new to the BOSS marketing family, now presenting the increasingly popular historical posts that have moved from Thursday's to the all new "Turnback Tuesday".  Every Tuesday, great racing history from the BOSS territory is brought back into the spotlight on the website and on the series facebook page.


Known throughout the Midwest as the fastest growing touring sprint car series, the BOSS schedule will grow from only one big money event in 2016 to an all time high of four higher paying shows in 2017.  The annual Mike Hensel Memorial returns paying $5,000 to win at Fremont Speedway on September 30th.  Joining Fremont on that level will be the soon-to-be converted Mansfield Motorsports Park which will host the tour for a 2 day event on Friday and Saturday, August 11-12.  The event will be the all new "Great Lakes Dirt Nationals".  The Friday show will be a complete standard BOSS program with Saturday paying $5,000 to win.


Perhaps the biggest off season news was the announcement of the pairing of BOSS with Waynesfield Raceway Park to sanction the prestigious "Jack Hewitt Classic" on Saturday, August 5th paying $3,000 to win.  An added payoff also awaits the traveling tour teams on Friday and Saturday, August 25-26 when they invade the Atomic Speedway for the "Open Wheel Championship" also paying $3,000 to win on Saturday night.


Almost all of the fan favorite facilities return to the schedule including a return to Portsmouth Raceway Park, Limaland Motorsports Park, Lawrenceburg Speedway, Montpelier Motor Speedway, Mercer Raceway Park, Lernerville Speedway, and Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway.  Returning to the schedule after a 2 year absence is the Route 44 Speedway (formerly Whitewater) in Liberty, Indiana.  With the overwhelming success of the first event there, this race on Friday, July 28th should be another "can't miss" event.


Other exciting events dotting the 2017 tour include the "Jason Soudrette Memorial" on Saturday, July 29th at Lawrenceburg Speedway.  Also, the annual "Dick Spencer Memorial" will be staged on Saturday, July 8th at Waynesfield Raceway Park.


While the four added money events will see special formats, the standard show format of pill draw heat races will remain the same.  All of the key programs the fans and teams have come to love will also remain in place including the "open" tire rule, traveling bonus money for the top 15 in tour points, heat race payouts and bonus award payouts.  A big "thank you" is extended to Hoosier Racing Tire and American Racer Tires for their continued support of the open tire concept.


In addition, the BOSS rules will once again allow teams to choose their own safety initiatives.  As in the past, BOSS has chosen NOT to REQUIRE full containment seats, head and neck restraints, or roll cage halos.  Although this decision cost us one event in 2017, we feel it is our job to provide a safe racing environment along with excellent insurance and more than adequate rescue and emergency personnel.  It is NOT our position to REQUIRE items that many in our industry still see as a potential threat to driver safety.  At this level of professional competition, we assert that driver safety is up to each individual team and driver. 


BOSS plans to take a serious approach to safety.  In 2015, the series was the first in the country to implement random drug testing at every event on the schedule.  Random testing will continue this season.  In addition, a new "safety advisor" will be working alongside teams at our events to inspect cars and discuss safety and address concerns.  This will be especially beneficial to the lesser experienced race teams.


The entire confirmed schedule is listed below.  There is one more track that could be added to the BOSS schedule but it would be a Saturday, stand alone, show and will be announced very soon.  Watch for many more exciting announcements coming soon!  Make plans to attend the tour opener on Saturday, April 22nd at Atomic Speedway near Chillicothe, Ohio.  Best wishes to all for a safe and successful 2017 racing season. 


2017 BOSS Tour Schedule

Sat. April 22 :  Atomic Speedway ; Chillicothe, OH

Sat. May 13 :  Fremont Speedway ; Fremont, OH

Sat. May 20 :  Lawrenceburg Speedway ; Lawrenceburg, IN

Sat. May 27 :  Mercer Raceway Park ; Mercer, PA

Sun. May 28 :  Mansfield Motorsports Park ; Mansfield, OH

Fri. Jun 9 :  Limaland Motorsports Park ; Lima, OH

Sat. Jun 10 :  Portsmouth Raceway Park ; Portsmouth, OH

Fri. Jun 30 :  Lernerville Speedway ; Lernerville, PA

Sat. July 1 :  Pittsburgh PA Motor Speedway; Imperial, PA

Sat. July 8 :  Waynesfield Raceway Park ; Waynesfield, OH (Spencer Memorial)

Fri. July 28 :  Route 44 Speedway ; Liberty, IN

Sat. July 29 :  Lawrenceburg Speedway ; Lawrenceburg, IN (Soudrette Memorial)

Sat. Aug 5 :  Waynesfield Raceway Park ; Waynesfield, OH (Hewitt Classic)

Fri. Aug 11 :  Mansfield Motorsports Park ; Mansfield, OH

Sat. Aug 12 :  Mansfield Motorsports Park ; Mansfield, OH (Great Lakes Nationals)

Fri. Aug 25 :  Atomic Speedway ; Chillicothe, OH

Sat. Aug 26 :  Atomic Speedway ; Chillicothe, OH (Open Wheel Championship)

Sat. Sep 9 :  Montpelier Motor Speedway ; Montpelier, IN

Sat. Sep 30 :  Fremont Speedway ; Fremont, OH (Hensel Memorial)

Sat. Oct 7 :  Atomic Speedway ; Chillicothe, OH


2016 Banquet Information

The 2016 season awards banquet for the Rick's Trucks & Equipment BOSS sprint series will be held on Saturday, November 12th.  Doors will open at 5 pm with dinner served at 7.  This year, the host site is The Bridge Restaurant of Sidney, Ohio who also happens to be the sponsor of the "Hard Charger" award on the tour.  Following dinner, awards will be presented to the top 15 in the final point standings.  Tickets for the banquet are $25 per adult and $10 for children under 12.  Please mail checks for banquet tickets to:  BOSS ; 2177 Lunbeck Rd ; Chillicothe, OH 45601.  Also, the official host hotel is the Sidney Days Inn where rooms are just $59 per night.  Be sure to ask for the BOSS racer's banquet rate.  Phone 937-492-1131 to make a reservation.  There will be a shuttle service to get to and from the hotel.

DRC Chassis of Indy Joins BOSS for 2017

The Rick's Trucks & Equipment BOSS sprint car series is proud to announce a new heat race sponsor for the 2017 season.  DRC Chassis manufacturer from Indianapolis has joined the BOSS family.  They have been building winning race cars since 2002.  To learn more about DRC, visit their website at or phone 317-481-1626.  A big thank you to Joe and all of the staff at DRC for your support!


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