2019 Rules

The BOSS tour has been designed to bring back old school “outlaw” racing where drivers are encouraged to bring their cars out without having to worry about membership fees, tire rules, and weight rules. The following guidelines are being put in place and will be enforced by series officials. BOSS reserves the right to add, delete or modify rules as is necessary for the betterment of the series, however, ample notification of changes will be made on the website and to all our current drivers. By participating in an event, drivers, owners, and crew members agree to abide by these rules and those rules established during the drivers meetings at each event. 
The rules set forth herein are designed to provide orderly racing events and to establish the acceptable requirements for these events. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF  SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF, OR COMPLIANCE WITH, THES RULES. Participants shall have no claim against, or cause of action for damages, expenses, or otherwise, against BOSS, its officials, sponsors, or promoters.

A) Eligible Drivers
1) Participation as a driver in BOSS sanctioned events is strictly limited to drivers age 16 and older.  If a driver will turn 16 prior to July 1st and the team wishes to compete for points in 2015, a temporary permit may be issued so said driver can run the May and June events.  This must be applied for on or before May 5th, 2015.
B) Drug Testing
1) Random drug testing will be conducted in 2015.  One driver will be randomly selected using the pill draw bingo mixer at each event.  Testing may occur before or after the program is complete.  The chosen driver will be tested at that event.  In the event of a failed drug test, ONLY the driver and ONE BOSS official will have this information.  The sample will then be sent for lab analysis.  If the sample indeed tests positive for a known banned substance, then the driver ONLY will be notified.  The driver is then allowed the opportunity to test again PRIOR to the start of the next event.  If the test is clean, then he will be allowed to compete.  A second failed drug test will result in disqualification for the remainder of the 2015 season. 
2) In the event a driver fails a drug test, BOSS reserves the right to test that driver periodically for up to one year.
3) Drug testing results will not be shared with any other sanctioning bodies, race tracks, or race teams.  The DRIVER tested is the ONLY one who will have access to their drug test results. 
4) BOSS reserves the right to test any driver at any time.
5) If you are caught attempting to cheat the drug test system you will automatically be disqualified from the balance of the 2015 season. 

C) Membership
1) The BOSS series has elected not to insult its participants with registration fees. Every driver who competes in a BOSS event will earn points toward the championship. In the true “outlaw” fashion, any driver from any series is welcome to run with BOSS as long as they meet the requirements in the following rules. Conversely, BOSS will NOT penalize drivers for participating in other events. 
D) The Cars
1) All cars racing with BOSS must be a traditional sprint car appearing machine. Cars must be of an upright design with the roll cage of the 4 post/4 point design. No offset motors! The engine must sit directly in front of the driver. The driveline must pass through the cockpit with the driver straddling the driveline.
2) Driveline hoops are mandatory. 
3) No onboard computers or computer adjustable devices are allowed.
4) No mirrors, no radios, no communication devices of any kind allowed.
5) No bodywork can extend beyond the front torsion tubes. No “wings” of any kind permitted anywhere on the car. Nerf bars cannot extend beyond the tires.
6) BOSS officials reserve the right to make bodywork that does not meet the spirit of sprint car racing, be removed or altered prior to being allowed to compete.
7) Teams are responsible for having legible numbers on BOTH sides of the fuel tank and on the front nose of the car. Keep in mind we will have scorers at some tracks helping us out who do not typically score wingless sprints. Please make your numbers easy for scorers and fans to read.
8) Fuel Cell with fuel bladder is required on all cars.
E) The Engines
1) Only normally aspirated engines are allowed. No turbochargers, no superchargers, and no forced air induction of any kind is permitted.
2) No big block engines allowed.
3) Only one spark plug per cylinder allowed.
4) Methanol fuel ONLY! No additives of any kind allowed!
5) Absolutely no traction control devices of any kind are permitted. Anything BOSS officials feel could be a traction control device is subject to being confiscated and being sent off for testing. Any items would be returned to the car owner. If found to be using traction control, the team owner and driver will be suspended for one year from BOSS competition.
F) Safety Equipment
1) Drivers who choose to participate in BOSS events will ultimately be responsible for their own safety equipment. The sprint car level of competition is serious and advanced enough that drivers are aware of the risks and should be well enough prepared to take the necessary safety precautions. The following are suggested safety equipment with mandatory minimums noted.
2) Drivers are required to use a full face racing helmet. Snell approved helmets that are less than 3 years old are suggested.
3) Flame Retardant driving suits are required. BOSS suggests a minimum 2 layer suit, and a 3 layer suit of one piece design if possible.
4) The use of approved fire retardant underwear (tops and bottoms) as well as socks and head socks are also strongly encouraged.
5) Driving shoes of flame retardant material are encouraged.
6) Driving gloves are required and no driver will be permitted on the track without them.
7) High back racing seats are required with a minimum of 4 bolts mounting the seat to the frame.
8) Seat belts should be the 5 point design and we encourage the use of belts that are less than 2 years old.
9) Head and Neck restraints and full containment seats are NOT mandatory, but are strongly encouraged.
10) The use of a rock screen and roll bar padding are strongly encouraged.
11) All cars are subject to BOSS inspection for safety reasons and BOSS reserves the right to limit any cars participation if there is a safety concern.

* * Drivers and teams are subcontractors under BOSS and are therefore ultimately responsible for their own safety equipment.  BOSS officials will take every reasonable precaution to provide a safe racing facility including making sure the track carries a minimum required insurance policy on all competing teams and requiring adequate emergency medical treatment capabilities are present.

G) Pill Draw

1) All drivers or a driver representative must sign in at the BOSS table and draw a heat race starting position.  The person drawing must state the car number and driver name they are drawing for.  The BOSS representative will then roll the mixer three times in reverse to thoroughly mix the balls, then one forward rotation until a ball is dispensed. 
2) Heat race lineups are staggered from pill draw.  In other words, pill #1 is pole of heat #1 and pill #2 is pole of heat #2 and so on. 
3) Only one assigned car / pill draw per driver.
4) If a driver change occurs prior to the heat races being run, the driver will start from the tail of the heat in which the DRIVER was originally designated to be in.  The car's position (if in another heat) becomes a scratch.
5) The number of heat races and the number of transfers per heat will be determined by the number of entries and the size of the track.  These details will always be announced at the drivers meeting.
H) Qualifying for the Main Event / Earning Points
1) Drivers must qualify through a heat race or a B-Main event in order to start the feature event.  Once heats are run, the driver is locked into the A or B Main in the car he ran his heat in. 
2) Drivers who are qualified into the A or B main may switch to a backup car OR any other race car, however, they must start their next event from the tail.
3) In the event of a driver switch and there are multiple B-main's, the driver must still compete in the B-Main the DRIVER was assigned to (starting from the tail) regardless of what B-Main the car was assigned.  The car then becomes a scratch in its assigned B-Main spot. 
4) To earn heat race and B-Main points, the car must push off from the pit chute and make an appearance on the track in order to receive last place points.
5)  Feature event starting spots are EARNED, therefore drivers who scratch from the event will still be awarded last place points without pushing off for the main event. 
6)  There will be NO alternates.  Feature positions are earned and drivers who qualify for the main event are paid for those positions.
7) Complete points breakdown can be found on the points page.
I) Start and Restart Procedure
1) Initial starts will have the front row drivers side by side to the starting point which will be designated in the drivers meeting.  If either of the front row cars jumps the start, the caution will come out and the offender will be moved back 1 row.  If both cars jump, then both go back one row. 
2) If cars from row 2 on back jump a start, the caution will not come out.  The driver(s) who jumped will be penalized at the next caution or at the end of the event.  You will be penalized by the number of cars you jumped PLUS one.  For example, if the inside row 3 car jumps and passes row 2 on the initial start, he will be penalized three (3) spots on the next caution. 
3) On single file restarts, the leader will have a designated point to begin to accelerate and that will be announced at the drivers meeting.  Cars must stay single file, nose to tail until past that designated restart point.  Any cars considered to have jumped the restart will be penalized at the next caution or at the end of the event.  Offenders will be penalized one position per car jumped PLUS ONE position.
J) Caution Flags
1) In 2015 BOSS will continue to operate under the "no stop" rule.  If you stop as part of the original incident, you will be sent to the tail of the field.  If you stop because of a flip, fire, or track is blocked, then you will be given your spot back. 
2) The only exception to the "no stop" rule is that if you CAUSE the caution flag (for example: by doing a 360 spin in front of the field), even if you continue on without stopping, you still CAUSED the caution and you will be sent to the tail. 
3) If you are involved in any 2 caution flags and come to a stop, you are disqualified from that event and you will be black flagged.
4) Rough driving calls will be made by BOSS officials only.  In the event of a rough driving call, the offender will be warned by radio and will be sent to the tail and the victim WILL get his spot back.  However, this must clearly be blatant rough driving as judged by 2 or more officials. 
5) In heat race and B-Main events, lapped cars will be sent to the rear of the field during each caution flag.
6) In the feature event, lapped cars WILL hold their positions in the lineup for restarts!
K) Red Flags
1) All red flag situations will be CLOSED red flags unless the delay appears to be lengthy.
2) In the event of a lengthy red flag, the announcement will be made over the PA system and BOSS pit officials will declare the open red.
3) Anything may be done to the cars during an open red except NO TIRE CHANGES and drivers must remain in the cars.
4) If a team changes a tire under the red, you must restart from the rear of the field. 
L) Work Area
1) There will be a designated work area for the feature event only. 
2) Cars may report to the work area under any caution or closed red.
3) Work on the car may only be performed in the work area.  If the car goes to the trailer or any other spot in the pits for repairs, it is disqualified.
4) Any repairs may be performed in the work area and the work area will be open until the "one to go" signal has been given to the race leader.  Once the leader has the field ready for the restart, the "stop" sign will prevent cars from leaving the work area.
5) Cars that report to the work area with a flat tire will be given ONE (1) minute to complete a tire change.
6) Any cars that report to the work area (regardless of whether or not work was performed) must restart from the tail.
M) Dispute Resolution
1) The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series assures everyone that no set of rules can cover all situations that will arise during the racing season.
2) In the event of a dispute, whether it is between 2 drivers and teams or between a driver and BOSS officials, everyone is required to calmly address series officials.  Please do not approach track officials.  Find the nearest BOSS official and file your dispute in a calm and rational manner.  You are much more likely to get the outcome and/or explanation you are looking for with a calm approach to the situation.